May 4, 2014

Satan Statue.

As I was doing my usual Sunday routine this morning of coffee, internet browsing, and just the right amount of pot, I ran across this gem of an article on the trustworthy and highly esteemed news source known as Metal Insider.  The article is short, so in case you're too lazy to click the link I will post it here (actually, click the link anyway so you can see the statue):

In 2009, a statue of the Ten Commandments was placed at the Oklahoma Statehouse, which angered some people. Namely, the Satanic Temple, who argued that there should be a separation of church and state. In fact, they started an Indiegogo campaign to place a monument to our dark lord. They raised over $8,000 more than the $20,000 they were seeking, and Vice got a chance to look at the work in progress by Temple spokesperson Lucien Greaves. It’s pretty glorious – the baphomet sits next to a pentagram while two children gaze upwards at him adoringly.

Greaves told Vice that they’re building a mold of the sculpture so more can be made should a self-righteous Christian attack the bronze statue. When completed, the church, which also includes Vital Remains’ vocalist Brian Werner, plans on placing the monument outside the Statehouse, even though the state has halted issuing permits for other monuments until a lawsuit filed by the ACLU against the Ten Commandments monument is settled. That monument has been outside the capitol since 2012, when state Representative Mike Ritze paid for it with his own money and said it was a donation.

First off, this article is so poorly written I had to read it twice just to fully understand it.  What the hell is "Vice"?  I assume a magazine or website, but they could've filled me in (checked - it's both).  Second, the whole story just cracks me up.  They're like two kids fighting in the school yard with their one-upping and outdoing of one another.  And why does the Satanic Temple argue about separation of church and state, but call themselves a "temple" and then later in the article are referred to as a "church"?  I hate to be nit picky, but that seems to be a little contradictory.  Doesn't matter what kind of "church" you are, separation of church and state is exactly what it sounds like, so perhaps neither statue belongs there.  I also laughed that they built a mold, anticipating desecration of their statue and having to create replacements in the future.  Those Satanists, they're organized and prepared!  Then they end the story by noting that the Ten Commandments statue only got placed at the courthouse because it was done in a shady manner that avoided any sort of official city permission, due to being "donated".  How Christian. What a goddamn clusterfuck of ridiculousness. 

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