May 3, 2014

Derby Day!

Happy holidays, folks, it's Derby Day!  One of my favorite days of the year.  I've probably yapped about all of this before (my guess is every year on Derby Day, but I'm too lazy to check), so I'm sorry if I bore you with my broken record.  I can't help myself though, because I love the Derby!  Horses are one of my favorite things on this earth, and watching those beautiful thoroughbreds holds a special place in my heart.  I could probably count on one hand the number of Kentucky Derby races I've missed in my lifetime.  My dad got me into it at an early age, and every single year of my childhood we watched the race together, him enjoying his gin and tonic with extra limes, and me enjoying the one Saturday a year when we got to show up at weekly 5 o'clock mass late.  Since post time usually is around 5:20 or so, by the time we got there it was almost communion time and this pleased me immensely because I loathed going to church, so missing 3/4 of it was right up my alley.  It's funny how our likes and dislikes take shape so early on.

Anywho, when it gets to be this time of year I always venture on over to ye ole YouTube and watch racing videos from the 70's.  Yeah, I really do that.  It was the golden age of racing and it was also the decade of my early childhood so it's chock-full of nostalgia for me.  I could watch Secretariat run the Belmont a million times and it would still make my jaw drop.  The fact that Secretariat has held the record time in ALL THREE Triple Crown races for 41 years is astounding.  Think about that for a moment.  41 long ass years.  It is an amazing feat, and I can't decide if seeing any one of those records broken is something I want to see in my lifetime or not.  If any of them are ever to be broken, then I suppose I would want to be alive to witness such a historical feat.  But if/when it does happen, I can tell you right now without question that I will weep.  Doesn't matter if I'm in a bar, at a race party, at the track, or on my couch - there will be tears. 

Here's video of the stunningly gorgeous Secretariat running all three Triple Crown races in 1973.  Watch it and get pumped up for post time.

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