April 12, 2014

Band Update.

Just about one year ago on this here blog I wrote about a metal band consisting of 3 Black kids called Unlocking the Truth.  I guess somewhere I read about them or was linked to one of their videos.  All I recall is that I arrived at YouTube and couldn't believe what I saw/heard.  In a nutshell, I sang their youthful, Black, head-banging praises, and also predicted fame down the line. 

Sure enough, as I'm enjoying my usual Saturday morning coffee and leisurely internet browsing, I see this article on Metalinsider.  Holy fuck, those kids opened for goddamn Motörhead last night at Club Nokia in L.A.!  Motörhead!!  They must've been shitting their pants.  The band is also playing the main stage at Coachella today.  Fuckin-A, good for them!  I can't wait to scour the internet for videos of all this.  Also looking forward to seeing if a year has made any difference in their music and execution. 

On a side note, I'm thankful and relieved to hear that Lemmy is back in action.  He's had a lot of health problems as of late, and has had to cancel a lot of shows in recent months.  He's slowed down a bit but still lives a hard life, and I really wondered if he would ever get back on the road.  You can't die yet, Lemmy.  I have yet to run into you while visiting my favorite bar in the whole world on my annual trip to L.A. - also your home away from home.  I'll be conveniently wearing my Motörhead t-shirt whenever it happens, because I wear it every time I go there- just-in-case.  I will probably have a few drinks in me, and I will also probably fail miserably in my efforts to be engaging, because I am so nervous with excitement, and because words often fail to describe feelings.  I will apologize for making no sense and intruding on your evening, but not overly so because I don't want to be annoying, and I will then politely, but assertively ask for a picture of us together.  There is no way I will exit this moment without photo proof.  I will offer to buy you a wine, because I know that you have substituted your daily Jack Daniel's with wine for "health" purposes.  I will then say thanks, hopefully give you a hug, and leave you be to yourself at your regular spot at the bar.  And I will feel like life is a bit more complete because I finally I ran into Lemmy at the Rainbow,