March 16, 2014

Random Stuff.

  • I got a new job!  Well, sort of.  You see, there is a job I've wanted for a long time that I've been trying to score since I finished graduate school about a dozen years ago.  I wasn't targeting one certain organization, but more so a specific arena working with a specific population.  I can't begin to relay how hard I've tried to make this happen.  And I've gotten very close.  Final 2 several times, final 4 more times than that.  Even got an offer out of state at one point, only to have it taken away because that damn state had just changed their licensure laws right after I applied, which ultimately made me ineligible.  Every time I was passed over, I sought feedback.  To make matters more frustrating, the feedback was always positive and what I was told gave the other person(s) the edge was something out of my control.  So, my dream job came up again and I applied and this time didn't even get an interview.  I've applied for this same job at this same entity 4 times now, and the other three times I was a finalist.  Ends up, the job went to someone who was already there part-time, so I doubt I had a chance anyway.  Screwed again.  Except that they later contacted me about a part-time position.  I interviewed, and I got the offer.  Only problem was that they needed me 2 full days a week, and my current job, which should've been a great opportunity but turned into a complete disaster that is sucking the life out of me, is full-time.  I was finally being given my chance and I knew I had to take this offer.  It doesn't guarantee me anything, but it's a foot in the door and it's current experience in the arena I want, and I would like to think I'd at least have an edge if a full-time gig opened up.  So I approached my current employer, and to make a long story somewhat shorter, they took the bait.  I will be going part-time at my current gig, and fortunately I will be able to keep my benefits and will still earn vacation.  I will be there 3 full days a week, and at the new gig 2 days a week.  Hopefully I will love it and they will love me and this will be the start of positive path in my career life, which overall has been plagued with bad luck, bad timing, and lots of dysfunctional environments.  I also hope that having something I'm passionate about 2 days a week will make the other 3 days easier to deal with.  Cross your fingers that nothing goes wrong with this one.

  • I bought an awesome piece of vintage furniture.  To boot, it's in nearly mint condition, and I got a shockingly great deal on it.  Oh, and it was crafted by my ancestors.  Here's the back story...My great-great grandfather came from Germany and was a furniture maker.  He started a company in my hometown in the later 1800's, and at one point they were a premier furniture manufacturer in this country.  The company shut down in the late 50's, and somehow over time all of the pieces we had in my immediate family went away.  That has always sickened me, especially now that I'm older, have space for such things, and have a greater appreciation for the history of it all.  How I found this is a bit of a miracle, and it was completely by accident.  As soon as I saw it, I recognized it, because it was from the exact same line as a piece we had at my parents house growing up.  It was destiny.  I had to have it, lack of money be damned, and I contacted the seller who was very lovely and very much appreciated the familial connection.  She sold it to me at her rock bottom price as a result, and it will be delivered this week.  I am beyond excited, and I am in love with this wondrous piece of craftsmanship.  I need to do some research, but I believe this was made in the early 50's. Check it out:

  • For the first time in my life, I'm ready for winter to be over.  Mind you, that does not mean I'm ready for summer, because I loathe summer.  But some warmer weather would be welcome around these parts.  Like the majority of the country, my fine city has experienced a winter for the record books.  Non stop snow, ice, brutal winds and polar vortexes galore.  I wouldn't have minded it so much if I didn't have to go to work in it, and if I had a garage that would have spared me from cleaning my god damn car off every fucking morning without fail.  Yesterday it was a balmy 72 degrees and sunny.  Today it is cold, windy, and we are getting a "wintry mix" of snow, sleet, and possibly freezing rain.  Which means if I want groceries today, I'm cleaning my damn car off once again.  The upside of this lingering mess:  less bugs during the summer.  Here is what a typical day looked like for me this winter, minus the usual precipitation:

Yes, that says "feels like -29".

  • What in the hell is going on with that Malaysian airliner?  Beats the fuck out of me, but I said from day one that there was something fishy about it, and I maintain that stance.  How is it possible that we can track people wherever they go, but we can't find any evidence of a missing plane for over a week?  Why does the information keep changing and contradicting?  It's all very weird and it's bothering me, because I enjoy solving mysteries and this one has me stumped.  I've read all sort of stuff about this - from mainstream sites to alternative news sites to conspiracy sites, and I can't decide what makes sense.  For whatever reason, though, my gut wants me to believe that this plane landed somewhere.  Meaning, not in the ocean, but somewhere on remote land.  Whether on purpose or not, I haven't decided.  But I hope we get answers soon, because the suspense is killing me.  Not to mention I feel for the poor loved ones of all those on board.