June 8, 2013

Black Metal. Not Really. Sort of.

Holy criminey hell, check these NYC metalhead kids out!!  Eleven year old kids!  And they will rock your face off!  Yes, there a bit of refining to be done, but goddamn!  If these guys are this good at 11, I just hope I live long enough to hear them in their prime.

But wait, there's more.  It's 3 Black kids!  That makes it even more awesome, as we all know Black metalheads are too few and far between in this world.  And get this - not only is it three Black 11 year olds playing scorching original metal, but one of them has the last name Brickhouse.  I kid you not.  It's perfect.

The guitarist is the shit (that would be Mr. Brickhouse).  He is really fun to watch because it is blatantly clear that this kid has metal running through his veins and was born to rock his face off and there is no stopping it.  There is no way this kid won't be famous at some point.  When you watch, you will see.  He ain't no joke. 

Oh, and their band is called Unlocking the Truth.  I've got two videos below, but there's more out there.  Hold on to your face...

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