January 8, 2012

Random Stuff on the Ol' Brain.

I went on a vinyl record shopping spree yesterday with a pal.  Had some really good finds, a few of which I’ve been searching for, including a couple of old Herbie Hancock albums.  If the words Herbie Hancock only trigger thoughts of the 80’s hit Rockit, then boy do I have a surprise for you.  His old stuff from the 70’s is some funky, jazzy shit.  And I mean no disrespect to Rockit, which is a fantastic song, especially if you feel like doing The Robot, but many people only know Herbie for that song/era, and he is so much more than that.  The album Man-Child is so goddamn funky it’ll put an ugly look on yo’ face.  I love that saying- I stole it from an acquaintance and I feel it’s the perfect description for really good, dirty funk.  If you love the funk, you understand.  I beg of you, please go to this link and listen to at least a few minutes of it.  It’s divine.

While record shopping, I ran into a problem I have run into before, and I’m now realizing this problem is no longer a fluke, it’s a trend.  And that is the lack of old rap and hip-hop albums.  It’s always a tiny section.  And quite often they are on the expensive side compared to other used stuff.  There are a few gems I’m searching for that are nearly impossible to find, even online.  And when I have found them, the asking price is ridiculous, as if hardly any exist, which I know just can’t be true as they sold millions of copies.  I have a theory as to what might be causing this phenomenon.  Rap and hip-hop as we know it today didn’t really start emerging until the mid to later 80’s, and then rather exploded in the early 90’s.  Pretty much right about the time vinyl started to die out.  So I’m thinking that the timing of the genre plays a big role in this.  But is that the only reason?  A friend suggested to me that in addition to the already-limited supply on vinyl, that DJs probably snap up a lot of the good stuff for samples, which actually makes sense, except how many DJs are really out there in the world?  I mean, could there be so many that all that remains of the vinyl hip-hop section is one measly 4-foot section of every store?  I don’t think so.  Even if timing is the main factor, it still seems to me that there should be a lot more out there than there is.  Where did they all go?

After the shopping spree yesterday, I went back to my pal’s house, where we hooked up with a few more pals, and ate pizza/drank wine while we flipped back and forth between playoff football and the Republican debate.  As far as football goes, the only teams I was somewhat excited about both lost, so now I’m really just not interested in what happens from here on out.  I will continue to watch, of course, but with apathy.  Except that I really want to see the Steelers lose.  As far as the debates go, well….let’s just say I’m disturbed.  And fucking irate about some of the blatant lies that were spewed.  I’d rather not be reminded that there are millions of people out there who think like these guys do.  It really frightens me.  I don’t think I’ll watch again.

I ordered this shirt online today and I’m in love with it. 

I had my session with the psychic.  More on that to come in the near future, but he did have some interesting things to say, and there were some things that freaked me out a bit.  In addition to this, the lovely Ms. Corpse Cafe kindly offered to do a tarot reading for me, which was also very interesting as well as a learning experience, as it was my first tarot reading.  It’s complicated stuff with lots of connections between the cards and different ways of interpreting things, but overall if I understand things correctly, it seems there was some overlap of a few general themes between the two readings. 

Lastly, I will admit that I am once again using this blog as a means to procrastinate.  This time I’m avoiding taking my Christmas tree down.  I really, really don’t feel like it.  Only Herbie Hancock can help me in this situation.  That’ll get my ass moving.

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  1. You're not supposed to take down your xmas tree so promptly, silly. You need to wait until July or thereabouts when the whole tree is brown and dry and the very act of trying to move it makes all the needles fall off at once. Heh, I remember one year we took the tree out months late as usual and put it in the trunk of our old '68 Nova. We promptly forgot about taking it to the dump and it stayed in the dang trunk of that poor car for another month or so when we finally got off our lazy asses and threw the poor thing away. Ah, those were the days!