September 30, 2011

Random Tidbits.

EARTHQUAKES.  Yep, I'm back on the earthquakes.  Well, due to my obsession I was never "off" the earthquakes, but now I'm back here boring you fine readers with it again.  I'll try to keep it quick.  Canada has seen an increase in quakes as of late, especially in the Northwest Territories and nearby northeast corner of British Colombia.  There was a 5.3 in this general area just this week.  Now I read that the B.C. Oil and Gas Commission is investigating a potential link between drilling in that area, and the recent quakes.  Huh.  How interesting.  Who would've thought that?

I would also like to note that there has been an increase in quakes, although small ones, in the following areas:  Oregon/Washington, Southern California and Los Angeles, western Mexico, Nevada/Utah, and even southeast Missouri, where the New Madrid fault has been unusually quiet for years.

Something is brewing, people.  I feel it.  I'm especially concerned about what's going on in California.  They are due for a big one as it is, and typically there are more daily quakes in northern california than central/southern cali, so this is a bit alarming.  Plus, I can't help but notice that most of these increases are concentrated, somewhat, in the western part of North America.  The one remaining corner of the Ring of Fire that has not seen a devastating earthquake in the past few years.  Not good people, not good.

Speaking of Cali, below is a nice pic I took of the San Andreas Fault while visiting Joshua Tree National Park a few years ago.

The actual fault line is near the middle, between the two mountain ranges.

BASEBALL.  This had to be the most nerve-wracking week of baseball ever.  I don't have cable, so every night I was going nutso watching the happenings on Gameday on my computer.  Which is a nice alternative, but will drive you crazy because of the delay.  For example, it will show you that the ball is in play by showing the generic "In play, run(s)", but then you have to wait for what seems like a lifetime for it to tell you exactly what happened.  It seriously tests your patience and nerves, and causes you to curse your computer while simultaneously making solo clapping chants like you're at the game.

Anyway, I will henceforth be watching games in bars unless they are on national TV.  I have always loved baseball, but this week was a reminder of why I love it.  It doesn't get much more exciting than this week was.  I love the how the Cardinals and the Rays pulled off the wildcard slots in dramatic fashion, and I especially love that the Boston Red Sox and Ben Affleck will be watching it all from their couches while they weep into their chowda.

FOOTBALL.  I'm sure glad that baseball has gotten exciting, because football sure isn't.  At least for me.  This season is not quite turning out as I had hoped for either of my teams.  Yes, I have two.  I won't get into that, but there is good reasoning for it.  Anyway, I will say I'm happy for Detroit, and have found myself rooting for them.  I love an underdog. And their fans, what's left of them, deserve some happiness.  If my teams are going to suck, then I hope some underdog team takes it all this year.  I'm tired of the usuals and am ready to bid them adieu.  I'm talkin' to you, Tom Brady. 

That is all.  Have a kick ass weekend.

September 16, 2011

New Art.

I recently got my hands on some new art here at KATN, and I’m excited about it so I’m going to share.  I’ve always had an interest in art of all mediums, despite having little artistic talent myself.  To this day, I love the smell of turpentine because it reminds me of being at my grandma’s house as a kid, who was an oil painter.  My mom appreciated art as well, as did her two sisters, who I spent a significant amount of time with as a kid.  The one aunt, who is still living, was very involved with her city’s art museum and art scene most of her adult life, and in the process, acquired a collection that is quite impressive.  I’m talking some original pieces from very famous contemporary artists.  Impressive enough that she has discussed bequeathing part or all of her collection to the museum.  I won’t get started on the fact that this very valuable stuff is just hanging and sitting around her house collecting dust, grime, and is completely vulnerable to potential thieves.  No, I won’t mention that, because I literally get pangs of anxiety when I think about it.  Have you ever seen the documentary Herb and Dorothy?  If not, and if you love art, please watch it.  It is an amazing story – one of my favorite documentaries ever.  The situation with my aunt is similar to Herb and Dorothy, but on a MUCH, MUCH smaller and less valuable scale.  It pains me that this collection is sitting there unprotected. 

Anyway, back to my cool new art!  I have so much dang art in my place that I have no more wall space.  I keep saying I’m going to upsize, but in the meantime I just keep rearranging to make room for new pieces.  Some ends up in storage as I rotate.  I have my share of cheap prints, but I like to collect originals where I can through life, because they are that much more special and unique, and they make me feel good.  I buy art based on two simple factors:  what I like, and what I can afford.  The latter which is not much, believe me.  Since I’m not rich and I can’t make art “investments”, I buy whatever catches my eye, falls into my price range of “poor”, and secretly hope that someday the artist will end up famous and I will be sitting on a pot of gold.  Hey, if it happened to Herb and Dorothy, it can happen to me. 

Which leads me to my first few newbies.  Have you ever been to Vincent’s Handmade Art?  I stumbled upon his blog by accident almost a year ago and immediately fell in love with his work and have followed him to the point of stalking ever since.  His work is unique, bold, dark, thought-provoking, occasionally pornographic, and involves lots of fuzzy skellies and penises, both which I happen to be a fan of.  I not only love his work, but I appreciate the vulnerability he displays in his art and his thoughts behind it.  I had the good fortune of winning one of his works in a little contest he held on his blog not too long ago.  Score!  I was, and still am, thrilled about it.  I finally got around to framing it the other day, and although it’s not what I envisioned, I like how it turned out and it’s good enough for now so that I can get that thing on proper display until I get around to a fancier framing job.  Here she is.  I’m so proud of it. 

© Vincent’s Handmade Art 2011

I also did a temporary frame job on the print below, Green Blue Dead Head, also by Vincent.  This beauty was done on a whim on a dry erase board.  I loved it so much that Vinny was kind enough to capture an image before erasing it, and he emailed me a copy.  Again, feeling antsy and wanting to get it on display, I made a basic print using my own mediocre printer.  In the future, however, I have big plans to get a professional print made, and give it some cool double-matting and a bigger frame.  I freaking love this head.  Love the flowy lines.  Love the colors.  Love the tears of blood.  Green Blue Dead Head, you may have been erased from this world, but you will live on forever in my home. 

© Vincent’s Handmade Art 2011

Some friends came over last weekend, the first visitors after I put Vinny's work up, and I couldn't wait to see if they would notice them.  As I surmised, they did, and they loved them to the point of jealousy.  One of my pals remarked that the fuzzy skellie reminded him of "Gonzo artist" Ralph Steadman's work.  I can see that, based on that particular piece, and I'd say that's quite a compliment to Le Artiste.  Thank you Vinny!  I look forward to aquiring more of your talented works.  If you have not already, dear readers, I implore you to visit his blog and check out more of his phenomenal stuff.