December 14, 2010

Stuff Potpourri

·        I don't know if this is new news or if I somehow got behind on the times, but apparently there is a major medical breakthrough going on, folks.  In 2007 an HIV-positive Berlin man underwent a stem cell transplant as part of his treatment for leukemia, and it seems he has been cured of his HIV as a result.  His doctors say that extensive testing "strongly suggest that cure of HIV infection has been achieved".  This is incredible!  Why the hell isn't this front page news?  Instead, we get Miley Cyrus' bong-gate.  Anyway, in my opinion this is more proof of the importance of stem cell research!  Suck it, Catholic Church!

·        My new job is going great, thanks for asking!  I'm a few weeks into it and I feel very "at home".  My coworkers are great, and I am enjoying what I'm doing.  It's all good.  So far. 

·        I'm still dating the metalhead biker guy.  I'm still interested after a month, so that's already somewhat of a milestone.  He's been really sick as of late though, and you'd think the goddamn world was coming to an end by his tone. I'm not talking about the actual sickness voice.  I'm talking about the tone/voice/demeanor nearly all guys I know seem to get when they get sick and act like GIGANTIC BABIES.  Like Santa just left them a lump of coal.  Like there's no more tomorrow.  Like life isn't worth living.  I get it.  It rather sucks being sick and I, too, like receiving sympathy from people when I feel like crap.  But it's a whole other ball of wax with guys.  Not all guys, of course, but a lot of guys.  It's a phenomenon us women just don't fully understand, despite the countless conversations we have about it over the course of our lives trying to.  The good thing is that we understand just enough to have some empathy and suck it up and humor you, but the entire time we are wondering who this strange, helpless, negative being is that we are coddling.  Anyway, if any of you men out there would like to share some insight, it would be much appreciated.

·        I will wrap up by sharing some music with you.  It probably won't surprise you that I'm a big fan of glam rock, hair metal, etc.  There's a band called The Last Vegas who I happened to see live at a tiny venue when they were opening for the Supersuckers about 1 ½-2 years ago.  It was one of those times when a lot of people were left wowed by the unknown opener, which is always a nice surprise.  These guys ROCKED my face off.  They put on a great show, sounded great, and were glamorous to boot.  Big hair, sparkles, tight clothes, the works.  In the moment, I told my friend they reminded me of old, original Mötley Crüe (I'm talking first album, when they still had a punkish edge to their sound).  In talking to a band member after the show I mentioned this, and he told me they were discovered and had their new album produced by Nikki Sixx (be still my heart).  So, there you have it. 


  1. My theory as to why a lot of mens turn into big babies when sick is that, in general, men have a lower pain tolerance than women.

    I mean, seriously, if men effectively got kicked in the nuts every 28 days and the pain returned and/or lingered in cramp form for about a week or so after the aforementioned kick then I think there would be a major change in the disparity between your stereotypical man and your stereotypical woman.

    Now, I'll admit that I have some definite sexist tendencies that I don't always keep in check so if your BS alarm is going off in response to the above theory that's probably why. Anyhoo, I hope this perspective was helpful in some small way.

  2. That is interesting, V. I tend to think of men has having a higher tolerance for pain, but that is based on nothing but observation. I will now have to google this and find out if it is scientifically. It could explain this sickness phenomenon.

  3. Update for V: I did some research on pain tolerance in men and women, and word on the scientific street is that overall, men have a higher tolerance for pain than women. Sorry to debunk your theory. Keep thinking.

  4. Oh I wasn't all that enamored of my theory. It was just an amusing thought I've had floating around in my head for a while.

    Actually, I'm not sure there's all that much real difference between men and women. I think a lot of what we expect from the genders is largely due to societal programming and what environment we were raised in. I'm sure there's plenty of women who whine when they're sick and plenty of men who don't even let on that they're ill in the first place. The reality of any given situation is always much more complicated than we think it is, unfortunately.