November 17, 2010

Stuff 'n' Stuff.

Things have been unusually busy here at KATN so I will be brief and let all of my 3 readers know what’s going on and simultaneously reassure you that I’m not dead.

  • Had a superb first date with the guy I met at the metal show recently.  He’s very cute, sweet, respectful, likes to talk, is very open and lays his cards on the table.  He’s quite a simple man, which I always have said is what I’m looking for (cue Lynyrd Skynyrd music).  We have spent countless hours talking on the phone and on our date, and thus far, zero red flags.  We absolutely do not lack in things to talk about.  We are getting together again later today/tonight.  It’s a nice day here and I as a result we are most likely taking one of his multiple motorcycles out for a ride.  WOOT. 

  • Saturday night was indeed like a high school reunion, except better because it was all people I really like and wanted to see.  A few people shit their pants upon seeing me there, and it took one guy about 45 minutes to remember me, until something clicked and he got an unfortunate visual of me in high school.  At least I’ve improved with age.  The band freaking ROCKED MY FACE OFF, and although I use that phrase a lot, this is no exaggeration.  It was the most rockin’ show I’ve seen in ages, and that is saying something as I frequent a lot of rockin’ shows.  They are unbelievable musicians and someone finally picked my jaw up off the floor about an hour into the show.  Interestingly, they are completely instrumental, which is unusual, especially for a metal band.  Lyrics were not missed, however, and would’ve taken away from their spectacular musicianship. 

  • Saturday night an acquaintance from high school asked for my number.  I never knew him at all, but did recognize him and knew who he was via our mutual good friend back in the day who was with us that night.  Long story short, in all the chaos of old, good friends reuniting, he and I didn’t talk at all except for a few minutes as he was getting ready to leave.  When he asked for my number, I was naïve in that I had no idea he was interested in me, despite the fact that he did make a point to say, twice, that he was single.  I mean, we hadn’t gotten to know each other at all so why would I think he was interested?  I assumed it was because we don’t live far from each other (the rest of the crew is about 15-20 miles away), his neighborhood is my regular stomping grounds, plus the fact that at the time he approached me, we were all talking about getting together again around Xmas.  Well, after he left our mutual friend said he was asking who I was all night, if I was single, etc.  For whatever reason I didn’t think he’d follow up, but left there feeling pretty damn good about myself that 2 cute, seemingly nice fellows asked for my number within the same week.  Even in my dating heyday, I don’t recall that ever happening.  Well, guess who called last night?  Seeing as I’m very interested in Guy #1, I panicked and didn’t answer.  I’m not one to date more than one person at a time.  Yet, the whole thing with Guy #1 is still very new, so then again, perhaps it would behoove me to at least go out with Guy #2 once and at least get to know him a bit.  One reason being that we do have mutual friends in common and will see each other again, so I certainly don’t feel that blowing him off is an option.  The second reason being that perhaps he will be an incredibly awesome dude, although all I can think of is Guy #1.  I texted a few friends to ask their opinion, all of whom ignored me.  Thanks, pals.  Knowing I had plans tonight and wouldn’t have a chance to call back, I felt I should at least acknowledge his message, yet I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do about it yet.  So, I ended up texting him, lying that I was at a friend’s house for dinner (send me to hell, I’m already planning on it anyway) and had plans again tonight, but would catch up with him in a few days.  Cowardly, I know.  What to do?  I need help here, dear readers.  Especially since all of my readers seem to be male.  This is very awkward and unfamiliar territory, having multiple guys pining for my attention at the same time.  Hells bells, when it rains it pours.  Here is what I’m thinking:  That I will return his call tomorrow night.  If he asks me out, I will go out of courtesy and to get to know him a bit.  In the meantime, I might have a better idea of how I feel about Guy #1 and how that is going.  My thinking is that if, by the time a date happens, I determine I am carrying a torch for Guy #1 and/or decide Guy #2 is not for me, I will just tell him that I recently started dating someone just before we ran into each other Saturday, and would like to see where it leads.  Comments?  Suggestions?  Please, I need help.  I don’t know how to handle all this male attention.
I apologize that this ended up not being brief at all.  I have a problem with brevity, it seems.


  1. (The first and only woman I dated was my wife so I have absolutely ZERO experience in the dating scene so keep that in mind with regards to my advice.)

    My first instinct says to stick with the guy you're currently seeing. The date went very well, talked for hours, no red flags. Don't risk ruining a good thing. You know, the whole "bird in the hand" thing.

    I'd tell the new acquaintance the truth and avoid a date. Don't want to lead anyone on.

    Lastly, (on a subject I do know a bit about) watch out for your ego. Having multiple, hot mens interested in you is likely to go to your head if you're not careful. I am regularly stumbling over my ego when it gets even the slightest encouragement. Before I know it I'm acting like a self-absorbed douchebag and having to stop by the flower shop and hope my apology will be met with forgiveness.

    Anyway, I hope this helps. By default your judgment is going to be better than mine with regards to dating but I hope my outside perspective is useful in some way.

  2. I appreciate your input, Mr. V. It's always nice to have the male perspective. Don't worry, my ego won't grow just because two guys are interested in me at the same time. I've never had that happen, and don't expect it to happen again. Plus, I still have enough insecurities about myself to keep things in check. Still, it does feel good after a very long dry spell. I chalk it up to me being in a very good place for the first time in a long time, and I think under such circumstances one puts out more positive energy and hence, attracts good things. Just like the job I interviewed for. I hope I didn't come off sounding cocky when I wrote that. I must re-read my own post. You are right, when I call that other guy back I'm going to be upfront right off the bat. Thanks again, my friend.

  3. Date em both until you find yourself feeling monogamous towards one of them. That's my advice.

  4. Thanks for your comment, James. I have received opinions of both extremes. It has helped me process it and figure out how I want to handle it.

  5. i second jams' opinion. here here!


    i'm still kicking.

  6. Thanks, Alex. I'm a bit surprised that a lot of the guys' opinions that I received were to date both guys. I wonder why that is? Perhaps because if this were reversed, most guys would do the same? That was a question posed to me by my BFF- whether Guy #1 would pursue a date with someone else who was interested in him, and how I'd feel about it this early in the relationship. I don't know the answer to that, but even if that were the case, I realized it didn't make me feel any different about how I felt I should handle it.

    Glad you are alive. I worry.